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9 Foods That You Have to Try in Puebla, Mexico

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by Alice Latham Apr 24, 2015
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1. Mole poblano

Mole poblano is Mexico’s most famous, and tastiest mole. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! The dish is characterized by its inclusion of chocolate, which creates a very distinctive taste due to its combination with different spices and chillies. The dish is of particular importance to Mexico as it is a symbol of its Mestizaje: the fusion of Indigenous and European cultures.

2. Chiles en nogada

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This dish is as poblano as you can get. It consists of a poblano chili pepper, which is filled with ‘picadillo’ and local ingredients such as ‘manzana panochera’ and ‘pera de leche.’ The filled chili is then dunked in egg batter and fried. Finally a delicious creamy walnut sauce is poured over the chili and topped with pomegranate seeds and parsley. The dish’s three elements generate the colours of the Mexican flag: the green parsley, the white walnut sauce, and the red pomegranate seeds. Keep in mind that ‘chiles en nogada’ are only available from July through September.

3. Memelas

Memelas exist in other states, for example, Oaxaca, but though they share the same name, they are not the same thing. In Puebla, a memela is a hand full of corn masa filled with beans that that is pressed out into an oval shape and cooked on a comal. Salsa and cheese are then added along with anything else you want such as chicharon, or even French fries. It makes for a great breakfast (and hangover cure).

4. Cemita

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The cemita is deliciously crunchy and Puebla’s champion! After the excess dough is removed from the inside of the roll, the cemita is filled typically with: avocado, quesillo (cheese from Oaxaca), pork milanesa, pápalo, onion, and chipotle can be added for spiciness. Known locally as ‘cemas’ you can also get them filled with al pastor, carne asada or arabe meat. Take your pick!

5. Tacos arabes

This arab-style taco is a real favourite for meat-lovers in Puebla. The spit-roasted pork is cut and served in a pita-style bread called ‘pan arabe.’ Squeeze a bit of lemon juice, add chipotle salsa, and you are set to go!

6. Chalupas

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These are lightly fried corn tortillas that are topped with salsa, onion and shredded chicken or beef. You will find them being made on street corners typically in the evening. An order of chalupas usually comes with at least four pieces, so be a good Mexican and share the chalupa love!

7. Pelonas

The pelona is a fried bread roll filled with beans, lettuce, cream, shredded beef, and salsa. It is a crunchy, creamy, spicy heaven.

8. Rajas poblanas

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Here’s one for all you vegetarians. This dish is simple but don’t let that fool you. Rajas poblanas are strips of poblano chili peppers grilled to perfection with corn and cream. And if that doesn’t sound good enough then imagine how good they taste when topped with delicious quesillo (oaxacan cheese).

9. Molotes

Molotes are made from pressing corn masa filling it with anything from quesillo, potatoes or mushrooms, deep frying it, and then smothering it with salsa and cream. The result: deep-fried deliciousness.

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