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Announcing the Fall 2011 Glimpse Correspondents

by Sarah Menkedick Aug 8, 2011
Each fall and spring, Glimpse chooses 10 correspondents who will receive a $600 travel stipend plus one on one editorial support to produce long-form narratives and photo essays around independent projects abroad.

I HAVE BEEN READING AND READING AND READING APPS in this tiny, stifling Brooklyn apartment, under a ceiling fan and in front of a window fan, with a giant cup of ice and a mug of espresso, for what feels like an eternity.

It is virtually impossible to talk about them without sounding sycophantic but I’m boldly saying this anyway: there were many truly impressive and visionary projects, and there were far more talented and dedicated and engaging travelers than there were spaces for Glimpse Correspondents.

Ultimately, I chose people whom I thought not only showed promise in their writing and photography but who could clearly and compellingly elucidate the particular issues, questions and ideas they wanted to explore as part of the program.

If you didn’t make it this time around, please consider applying again this coming fall, and I hope that during your time abroad you’ll stick around and become or remain an active member of the Glimpse and Matador communities.

Many, many thanks to all of you who applied, and congratulations to the Fall 2011 Glimpse Correspondents:

  • Murat Gungor
  • Rebecca Leaphart
  • Kathryn Newman
  • Meara Sharma
  • Christopher Miller
  • Doug Clark
  • Brittany Jordt
  • Brendan Buzzard
  • Chris Mackie
  • Phillip Johnson

Welcome aboard!

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