Boxed Water Is Better

by Sarah Park Mar 19, 2011

Now that I live in an area where the tap water doesn’t taste like it was poured straight from the drain of a swimming pool, I’ve been trying to break myself of the dirty, city-dwelling habit of buying bottled water. It’s expensive, it sucks for the environment, and it isn’t any better for your health. I’ve gotten past the taste hurdle, but the toughest part for me now is remembering to refill my Nalgene before heading out the door.

Dropping by a coffee shop to grab a quick cup of coffee (I will never give this habit up) and a bottle of water for the drive, I saw this awesome product in the fridge. Boxed Water is Better packages their water in recyclable cartons that look great and are way easier on the Earth. They don’t fit quite as nicely in your purse or car’s cupholder, but it makes me feel better to know that this carton won’t be found empty and floating in the ocean 300 years from now.

The cartons are made from trees harvested from certified, responsibly managed forests and are shipped flat before filled, making them far more efficient to ship than empty plastic or glass bottles. Plus, 20% of the profits from Boxed Water goes right back to organization supporting water and trees — the same materials that make up the product.

We really care about the world’s water supply. 10% of our profit is donated to world water relief foundations. We feel anyone who consumes our product is in a privileged position and it’s important that part of their spending goes to help those who are not as privileged. Just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Makes sense to me. Hope they start making square cupholders soon.

(Visit their website to see where you can find Boxed Water is Better.)

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