Bush in the World: 8 Years in Review

by Julie Schwietert Dec 23, 2008

You probably don’t need me to tell you that President Bush has less than a month left in office.

But it just feels so good to say it!

Before we all heave one big collective sigh of relief, let’s enjoy a few more laughs and groans as we review eight years’ worth of Bush’s finer–yet less remembered–moments as he exercised statesmanship at home and around the world.

1. Reflection on America’s enemies:

2. Trying to talk like the locals… and remember what meeting he’s attending:

3. Some thoughts about immigration…

4. Tribal wha?

5. Take care of yourself, New Orleans… ‘cuz that’s what I’m gonna do:

6. And finally…

Photo: faeryboots (Flickr creative commons)

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