Candice Walsh & Cailin O'Neil Launch SMAC: Social Media Atlantic Canada

by Heather Carreiro May 6, 2011

The tagline: “Let’s talk SMAC.”

Matador Life Associate Editor Candice Walsh and filmmaker Cailin O’Neil of Travel Yourself have launched SMAC, a social media service for travel and tourism businesses in Atlantic Canada and the Maritimes.

Candice and Cailin are both self-proclaimed social media junkies who met through Twitter two years ago. Now they are teaming up to offer customizable packages to help businesses in their region grow through the use of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, blogging, YouTube and StumbleUpon.

Here’s a little more about their new venture from SMAC’s about page:

Acting on behalf of your organization, we’ll develop a social media strategy to fit your brand and image, and then manage it to its full potential. If you’d prefer to do your own management, we can arrange a consultation session complete with training, easy-to-read documentation, creative brainstorming, and follow-up sessions. Confused by all this newfangled, Twitter gibberish? No clue how to use a hashtag? What does it mean to be “poked” on Facebook, anyway? No problem. We got you covered.

Working together, we’ll build a customizable package to fit your business’s marketing plan and budget, maintain and develop your brand, and engage new clients while promoting loyalty with long-time clients. We also do multimedia. We’re not a big marketing company, and we don’t claim to be. We’re just real people with passion, and we want to share it.

It’s been fun to follow both Candice and Cailin via my Twitter feed and Facebook. They both have super engaged followers and blog readers, and I’m psyched to see them come together and launch this project!

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