Explosion in Marrakesh Cafe Leaves 14 Dead, 20 Injured

by Heather Carreiro Apr 28, 2011

This morning I heard the news that a blast went off in Marrakech leaving over a dozen killed and more wounded. The explosion happened at a popular cafe, Cafe Argana, located in the city’s main square, Djemm el Fna. The Moroccan government believes the blast to be the result of an attack.

I lived and studied abroad in Morocco for a year and passed through Djemm el Fna a number of times. It’s disturbing to see such an iconic place torn apart by a bomb blast. CNN has reported that more foreigners than locals were killed in the blast; this is not surprising considering the square is a popular spot for tourists to hang out.

The last major terrorist attack in Morocco, the Casablanca bombings in 2003, specifically targeted foreigners.

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