Help Photographer Tamar Levine Raise Funds for "Memories"

by Sarah Park May 5, 2011

One of my favorite artists, Tamar Levine needs help to make her project “Memories” a reality:

A few years ago, my grandmother, Dorothea Austin Banner, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She is my last living grandparent, and a Holocaust survivor. I didn’t think at the time what this would mean to my family, our history, and our future.

It is important for me to document the last of her generation, before she and her world fade away…. My grandmother is the link to other generations- she never told me about them and now she never will. However, by exploring memory, loss, and time, I want to search for the personal beauty in the not-so-beautiful details, and search for memories lost.

Tamar is currently raising funds through IndieGoGo to help pay for travel to New York, equipment, and printing and framing costs, as she intends to show her completed series in a gallery.

Having lost a grandparent of my own to Alzheimer’s — also one who never had the chance to tell me about old memories — I can identify with her need “to go back and dig deeper.” Every time I peruse old photos of past generations, I am reminded of an entire family history I will never have a chance to hear. I would have loved if somebody like Tamar had felt inspired enough to shoot a few photos and document a few fading memories before it was too late.

Read more, view the partially completed series, and donate via IndieGoGO.

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