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This Instagrammer/photographer Captures Stunning Photos of Ballet Dancers in the Streets of Cuba

by Amanda Machado Apr 28, 2016

Laura Tosar @lauratosar #OZR_Dance || #🇨🇺💃|| #Cuba

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OMAR ROBLES HAS DEDICATED the last two years to photographing ballet dancers in cities. Since Cuba has one of the top-ranked ballet companies in the world, he made it a goal to visit there next.

The stunning photos below are the result of his trip.

Robles explained in a recent blog post, “Ballet dancers make us feel as if their movements are truly effortless. This while pushing their bodies to the very extreme of what is humanly possible. It is that grace and elegance which mesmerizes us.”

You can explore more of Robles’ work on his website.

Claudia "Meanmuggin" Zakrzewski @claudunia #OZR_Dance || #ColdWontStoptheDance

A photo posted by Omar Z. Robles (@omarzrobles) on

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