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Matador Meet-Up in Seattle

by Michelle Schusterman Feb 7, 2011
Matadorians and travelers got some non-virtual face time in Capitol Hill.

Seattle: Land of the happy hour. With deals like $2 sushi rolls and half-off homemade pasta plates at every turn, the challenge for Joshy Washington and I in planning this meet-up was choosing a spot, not finding one.

The first (of hopefully many!) Matador meet-up in Seattle was at Barca in Capitol Hill. A great seating area right against the windows and local brews on tap made for the perfect setting to get to know the people behind the Twitter avatars.

Name: Kelly Goodman

Current Calling/Job/Project: Web Designer, Writer, Travel Blogger

Travel Plans for 2011: I’m a last minute trip planner lately, so it’s still up in the air. I know I’m heading to Hawaii in March, Vancouver in June and want to visit New Orleans before the year is out. I’m also getting that nagging urge to return to Italy, it’s been over a year.

Find Her: Travellious, @kag2u

Name: Austin Hill

Current Calling/Job/Project: I’m a web developer, travel blogger, co-founder of

Travel Plans for 2011: Doing more local travel this year (Portland this month, Vancouver in June), saving up vacation from my day job so I can go further afield.

Find Him: Travellious, @aghman

Name: Pam Mandel

Current Calling/Job/Project: Freelance technical/travel writer and photographer, mediocre ukulele player. Blogger for TravelWild and Practical Travel Gear. Mistress of Nerd’s Eye View and Holoholo Wale, a blog about Hawaii.

Travel Plans for 2011: Antarctica in February (soon!) , Austria in June, Hawaii TBD. Everything else is up for grabs.

Find Her: Nerd’s Eye View, @nerdseyeview

Name: Pam MacNaughtan

Current Calling/Job/Project: Travel writer and blogger, creator of Spunkygirl Monologues

Travel Plans for 2011: Burma! I’m planning to return to Thailand in the fall to live in Bangkok for a few months. While I’m there, I hope to spend some time in Burma as well.

Find Her: Spunkygirl Monologues, @spunkygirllogue

Name: Dan Tasse

Current Calling/Job/Project: Software/tech/research guru cutting back on work and taking more time for travel.

Travel Plans for 2011: Leaving in September for a year’s worth of travel that includes India, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine.

Find Him: I, Ten Seas Lad, @dantasse

Name: Adrienne Schofhauser

Find Her: Mountain Tracks Media

Name: Laurel Miller

Find Her: Gadling

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