Matador Member Launches Online Database for Volunteers

by Matt Scott Mar 1, 2010
Like many Matador members, Meghan Daseler has spent a lot of time online looking for the perfect volunteer opportunity, only to find the search a difficult one.

Add to that the frustration caused by the high costs of many programs.

Meghan Daesler, founder of World Help Link

In a effort to help other people in their search, Meghan decided to create her own database of volunteer opportunities on, a free website dedicated to no fee and low cost international and domestic volunteer opportunities.

World Help Link is adding new programs and opportunities every day and Meghan is particularly keen to promote small and independent organizations that may lack publicity elsewhere. The site has also recently added a visitors’ forum for potential volunteers and organisations to post questions, news, or ideas.

As well as working on the website, Meghan volunteers with the children’s program, Safe Nest, and as a keen traveller will soon be leaving for Ireland to work at Barretstown, a holiday center for children with cancer and other serious illnesses.

If you know of any organizations looking for volunteers, please add your comment below and they will be added to World Help Link.

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