Matador U Student & Contributor "Nomadic Matt" Releases New E-Book

by Julie Schwietert Dec 12, 2009

Matt Kepnes

Matt Kepnes–or “Nomadic Matt” to travel blog readers–releases a new e-book.

Matt Kepnes is the man behind the popular travel blog, Nomadic Matt. He’s also the author of the e-book, Make Money With Your Blog and, most recently, How to Build a Travel Blog.

I caught up with him–no small feat–via e-mail as he transited between Thailand and New Zealand to ask him about the new book:

How many copies of your first e-book have you sold so far?

I have sold 15 copies of this book at the price of $4.00 but sales of my Make Money Travel Blogging book have shot up this month now that both books are bundled together. So far this month, I have sold 30 copies of the bundled set.

What motivated you to write this second book?

I was motivated to write this because I received so many e-mails after the first e-book; many buyers were e-mailing me questions on basic site design, themes, plugins, linking, domain names, and hosting companies. This new e-book puts it all together from start to finish.

This e-book is really meant to help people reduce the learning curve. It’s not the most definitive book out there, but its goal is to get people from no website to a working one without scratching their heads. That’s why I include a lot of graphics and screen shots to walk people through the website building process. I want to take the trial and error that I went through out of the equation so people can have a fully working site within a week or two.

Where can people buy your e-books?

They can buy the book on Nomadic Matt or they can buy both my old e-book as well as this one here.

Any plans for future books?

After the first of the year, I plan on releasing an e-book on teaching English overseas. But after that, I don’t have anymore planned.

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