MatadorChange Adds List to MatadorNetwork's Twitter Account

by Julie Schwietert Jan 4, 2010

Screenshot of the Change list.

@MatadorNetwork announces its first topic list on Twitter.

Back in October, Twitter announced a new function: lists. Twitter users could sort their followers into groups based on specific interests, making it easier to track tweets by topic.

As Josh Catone of Mashable observed, “Lists aren’t just static listings of users, but rather curated Twitter streams of the latest tweets from a specified set of users.”

Matador intern Abbie Mood has curated the Network’s first list (besides the Matador Team list), which is now available for viewing and sharing on our Twitter account.

The list– @MatadorNetwork/change– is a work-in-progress collection of people and organizations who are changing the world by building community and protecting the environment. There are some predictable folks in there, like New York Times’ Nick Kristof, and people we’re really excited about discovering, like Marianne Elliott, a human rights lawyer and peace activist who’s currently writing a memoir about her peacekeeping work in Afghanistan.

Are you following anyone on Twitter who should be added to our list? If so, please e-mail their Twitter handle to Abbie:

And if you use Twitter and you haven’t used the List function yet, Mashable has a series of how-to and why-you-should articles dealing with the List function, including 10 Ways You Can Use Twitter Lists by Sarah Evans.

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Want to put some faces to the names of your favorite travel tweeps? Check out Tom Gates’ round up in Twelve #Travel Tweeps Twittering.

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