Matadorians Behind the Camera

by Eileen Smith Oct 5, 2010

Matadorians put their cameras where their faces are.

Photographers are often more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. Below 21 Matadorians show us as the world sees them, from behind (or beside) the camera. Every week Pulse will be putting together a themed photo essay featuring the Matador community.

1. afs.eric
He calls this picture “Nikon Lust.”
Afs.eric on Matador.

2. Alessa
This green and purple shot was taken in a rearview mirror.
Alessa on Matador.

3. AlexF
A motorcycle mirror provides the reflection for this photo.
AlexF on Matador.

4. Amy B
Just how many Amy Bs are there in Barcelona?
Amy B on Matador.

5. Amanda_is_traveling
Here she’s taken a picture of herself at work.
Amanda_is_traveling on Matador.

6. Bearshapedsphr
This one shows the reflection on a sunny day in Seattle, with a cyclist passing by.
Bearshapedsphr on Matador.

7. bdhussain
She took this picture at the Louisiana MoMa outside of Copenhagen after two sleepless bedbug-attack nights.
Bdhussain on Matador.

8. BioTour
This picture uses the reflective surface of a hubcap to provide a wide-angle, warbly effect.
Ambishop on Matador.

9. EdwardNeary
A reflection or just a photo? An eagle eye to read the letters on the camera and flash is one way to find out.
EdwardNeary on Matador.
10. Daniel Nahabedian
This side-view mirror self-take has motion, sun flare and color.
Daniel Nahabedian on Matador.
11. ianmack
A self-take, Burning Man style.
Ianmack on Matador.
12. kcrimini
She’s placed her face between two beer steins in a mirrored hutch.
Kcrimini on Matador.

13. kristin5683
Shiny gilt mirrors show off this self-portrait
kristin 5683on Matador.

14. liferebel
Photographer almost completely hidden behind the camera.
Liferebel on Matador.

15. geotraveler
A convex reflective surface makes for some interesting lines in this photo.
Geotraveler on Matador.

16. Madhu Reddy
Only partially obscured by the camera.
Madhu Reddy on Matador.

17. Paul Sullivan
It takes a steady hand to snap a no-support, no-blur reflection in low light.
Paul Sullivan on Matador.

18. Poonam Parihar
Hair and camera combine to hide the photographer almost completely.
Poonam Parihar on Matador.
19. Ross
A cloudy reflection and extreme angle turn this photographer into a giant hand with a camera.
Ross on Matador.
20. Sarah Park
She loves her digi-hari pocket camera.
Sarah Park on Matador.

21. VagabonderZ
Even a swanky loo can provide a good self-take backdrop.
VagabonderZ on Matador.

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