Matadorians Go Underwater

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by Eileen Smith Nov 9, 2010
Here are Matadorians exploring the other 2/3 of the earth’s surface area.

MATADORIANS KEEP getting out there, this time getting under water to see what’s going on beneath us. Check out these Matadorians’ pictures below, and click on their profiles to find out more about what these folks are up to. Every week Pulse runs a photo essay featuring Matadorians’ photos.

1. Adri
On a colorful reef in shallow water.
Adri on Matador.

2. Adventurista
Great Barrier Reef posing.
Adventurista91 on Matador.

3. Barbados Boy
Diving with a friend in Fiji.
Barbados Boy on Matador.

4. Bassini
Joking around.
Bassini on Matador.

5. Beachgoyl
In the Bahamas.
Beachgoyl on Matador.

6. Behaviorist
Solo diver.
Behaviorist on Matador.

7. Beth Basinski
In a cenote.
Beth Basinski on Matador.

8. Beth Basinski
Another one from this Matadorian, this one with a friend on a safety stop.
Beth Basinski on Matador.

9. Billy D
Near the surface.
Billy D on Matador.

10. Caitlin
All is well.
Caitlin Matador.

11. Caseygusto
A friend in jellyfish lake.
Caseygusto on Matador.

12. Emily Stone
Twi snorklers.
Emily Stone on Matador.

13. Jendem
Floating free.
Jendem on Matador.

14. Jon Clazo
A ray of light shines on the surface.
Jon Clazo on Matador.

15. Wasserback
Having a drink.
Wasserback on Matador.

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