Matadorians in a Big World

by Eileen Smith Jan 20, 2011
Matadorians show off their small selves against a backdrop of a big, wide world.

HERE ARE SOME Matadorians (and their friends) photographed against expansive landscapes. I’m always reminded of how tiny humans are in comparison to the world we inhabit, and always wonder what the photo subjects were thinking. Check out these Matadorians’ pictures below, and click on their profiles to find out more about what these folks are up to.

1. Agung
With mountains and a lake behind.
Agung on Matador.

2. AlisonTravels
Alison at Mexican Hat, Utah.
AlisonTravels on Matador.

3. Aoulad Haddou
At Al Hoceima, Morocco.
Aoulad Haddou on Matador.

4. Beachlover79
Tiny people in the distance near Chamonix, France.
Beachlover79 on Matador.

5. Bearshapedsphere
Hikers in the distance climbing Cerro El Pintor near Santiago, Chile.
Bearshapedsphere on Matador.

6. Bmanosaurus
A picture of someone taking a picture of the wide world.
Bmanosaurus on Matador.

7. Bondibloke
Waving from atop a promontory over the ocean.
Bondibloke on Matador.

8. David Koken
Near Drakensburg, South Africa.
David Koken on Matador.

9. Jcfidler
Walking out into the distance over the water.
Jcfidler on Matador.

10. Muttaphilly
Overlooking Tiger Leaping Gorge.
Muttaphilly on Matador.

11. Ross
The view from above a rocky outcropping.
Ross on Matador.

12. Ryan Baker
Climbing Mt. Snowdon.
Ryan Baker on Matador.

13. Spencer Klein
High above, over Goat Lake.
Spencer Klein on Matador.

14. Vida Girl
Looking over the Grand Canyon.
Vida Girl on Matador.

15. Viofree
Arm extended over the Grand Canyon.
Viofree on Matador.

16. Wanderlust Walt
At Machu Picchu, with Wayna Picchu in the foreground.
Wanderlust Walt on Matador.

17. WhitnessThis
On a rock, at the edge of the canyon.
WhitnessThis on Matador.

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