Matadorians in Adventure Sports, Snow and Water

by Eileen Smith Oct 12, 2010

Matadorians play hard in surf and snow.

Many members of the Matador community like to play hard, and a number of them go for it in surf and snow. Check them out in the pictures below, and be sure to click on their profile links to learn more about what these folks are up to. Every week Pulse runs a photo essay featuring Matadorians’ photos.

1. Adam French
Vertical ice climbing.
Adam French on Matador.

2. Advenjunkie
Decisive moment in Missoula, Montana.
Advenjunkie on Matador.

3. Akmonki
Matadorian in the surf.
Akmonki on Matador.

4. Antonioni
Swimming with an iceberg.
Antonioni on Matador.

5. Barbados boy
Fierce boogieboarding.
Barbados boy on Matador.

6. Bearshapedsphere
Hiking up Chile’s Villarrica volcano in Pucón.
Bearshapedsphere on Matador.

7. Beyond_b4
Snowboard frontside grab.
Beyond_b4 on Matador.

8. B French
Dropping into the Lower Mesa Falls
B French on Matador.

9. Jessstuart
Crashing through the surf at Crystal Falls.
Jessstuart on Matador.
10. Matt Cola
Ascending the mountain.
Matt Cola on Matador.
11. Muttaphilly
Lech powder day.
Muttaphilly on Matador.
12. Peter Hartl
Teaching his nephews to paddle in Kananaskis, Alberta.
Peter Hartl on Matador.

13. Ross
Kicking up a vertical wall.
Ross on Matador.

14. Sarah Park
Wake boarding at Grant Lake in California.
Sarah Park on Matador.

15. Smishsmash
Ice climbing.
Smishsmash on Matador.

16. Sublime
Cage diving with great whites.
Sublime on Matador.

17. Wandoor
Early morning hike.
Wandoor on Matador.

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