Matadorians on Bridges

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by Eileen Smith Feb 17, 2011
A bridge connects two places with a gap in between, usually over water or empty space.

MATADORIANS STAND (sometimes precariously) on these long, skinny bridges. From documented-as-safe to I-wonder-if-they-will hold, here are Matadorians standing between points in this world. Check out their pictures below, and click on their profiles to find out more about where else these folks stand.

1. Ahi
Trekking the Annapurna circuit.
Ahi on Matador.

2. Akiiki
Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Akiiki on Matador.

3. Alanperlman
Self-take on a rope bridge.
Alanperlman on Matador.

4. Annabellabee
On the longest swing bridge in New Zealand.
Annabellabee on Matador.

5. Anshulm
Dense forest from Rolla to Shilt.
Anshulm on Matador.

6. Chele
On a bamboo stick bridge on the way to an underwater temple in, Ubud, Bali.
Photo by Matadorian Mikenyff.
Chele on Matador.

7. Lauren Fitzpatrick
On a rope bridge in Samoa.
Lauren Fitzpatrick on Matador.

8. Rashabree
On a walking bridge in Springfield, Missouri with her husband.
Rashabree on Matador.

9. Ross
Hanging bridge over a chasm in Madagascar.
Ross on Matador.

10. WanderingEarl
In the Karaokaram mountains.
WanderingEarl on Matador.

11. Writer Girl
On the Capilano suspension bridge in Vancouver, BC.
Writer Girl on Matador.

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