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"Oh Give Me a Home..."

by Julie Schwietert May 23, 2008

If you’re a writer, you don’t need me to tell you about that creeping feeling of anxiety that swells up at the end of each month when you think about paying the rent.

You’ve typed yourself into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but you’ve got nothing to show for it but a sheaf of rejections or a check so pitiful it might be more worthwhile to stand in the unemployment line.

Sound familiar?

If so, and if you’re a single writer (and traveler), check out these writer’s residency programs, which offer free lodging in off-the-beaten-path locations for three months to a year, allowing you to create anxiety-free.

Hub-Bub Artists’ in Residence (AIR) Program: Hub-Bub is a residency program for writers and artists under 30 who are not only interested in having a place to live and work-rent free for a year, but who also are invested in community building. From their gallery to their community movie nights, Hub-Bub has breathed new life into the downtown area of my hometown, Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The work/live space is a gorgeous recently renovated factory/shoe store, within walking distance of cafes, restaurants, and the public library. If you’ve already missed this year’s deadline, sign up for Hub-Bub’s mailing list and receive early notice for next year’s residency program.

Pretty Apartments Writers’ Fellowships: Ever dreamed of living in a Victorian house… one that’s fully modern? These fellowships offer writers with works in progress the opportunity to live rent- and utility-free in Schnectady, New York for a period of three months… just long enough for you to produce your magnum opus… and roll pennies.

Talk with us! Have you ever accepted a writer’s fellowship? Do you know of great artist-in-residence opportunities? Share your story in the comments.

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