Photo Essay: Matadorians Jumping

by Eileen Smith Oct 19, 2010

Matadorians jump into water, into the air, up and then down.

There’s something about getting off the ground that appeals to travelers. Here you’ll see Matadorians jumping alone, in groups, into the air, into the water and just for kicks. Click on their profile links below to find out more about these jumpers and photographers.

1. 510 Fitz
Leaping head first across the snow.
510 Fitz on Matador.

2. Aar1on2
Frozen mid-flight.
Aar1on2 on Matador.

3. Aaronanthony
Shin-grab above the treetops
Aaronanthony on Matador.

4. Aaronappleton
Backflip off a bridge in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Aaronappleton on Matador.

5. Acheung
Leaping in Arizona’s Painted Desert.
Acheung on Matador.

6. AllyCat
Leaping in Ibiza, Spain.
AllyCat on Matador.

7. anne living
Splashing down shortly in the Rio Negro.
anne living on Matador.

8. Geotraveler
A practiced leap on a boat in Finland
Geotraveler on Matador.

9. Ianmack
Great capture of a friend’s arching jump.
Ianmackon Matador.

10. Jeanette Hardy
Kicking up some sand on the ascent.
Jeanette Hardy on Matador.
11. Muttaphilly
Six friends a-leaping on the salt flats.
Muttaphilly on Matador.
12. Viofree
Three friends going for height in Chicago.
Viofree on Matador.
13. Tim Whitlow
Open-armed flight.
Tim Whitlow on Matador.
14. Zoe Smith
Above the salt flats in Argentina.
Zoe Smith on Matador.

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