Meet Matador Members: September Edition

by Eileen Smith Sep 28, 2010

500 plus new Matadorians every month?

Things move quickly, but here are 20 new members whose photos and bios caught our eye in September. Check the community often to see who else you have all that and more in common with. And click here to check out our newest community members. We’ll be back with more in October!

1. abberghalley
About me: Twentysomething avoiding “growing up” at all costs. I find myself referring to cities in terms of their airport codes too often.
abberghalley on Matador.

2. abbyz
Ideal place to watch the sunrise: from the roof of our house on the cliff in Wardija, Malta
abbyz on Matador.

3. alicia330
I’m an attorney by day, but I live to travel. Always planning my next trip, even if I don’t know when I’ll be able to take it.
alicia330 on Matador.

4. Alisa_Mango
Why I travel: To find my place in the world and the soul in myself. To feel familiar places as fresh and new ones as those well-loved and long inhabited. To know the world and sense its hopes and struggles intimately.
Alisa_Mango on Matador.

5. Allen Burt
What I’m fired up on: I love adventure/endurance sports, cooking, and intelligent politically/economic discussions with friends and strangers over a few good pints.
Allen Burt on Matador.

6. Alli Rustand
I get fired up on culture, cooking, politics (which is unfailingly interesting in SA), environmental concerns, and agriculture.
Alli Rustand on Matador.

7. Ambishop
I’m a southern girl at heart, but have lived all around the United States, and have traveled abroad to Mexico, India, and Nepal. I’m always looking for a new adventure, new people to get to know, and new ways of growing as a person.
Ambishop on Matador.

8. cynthiaz
I felt the most immersed in a foreign culture when: I can give directions to ‘backpackers’ — gotta love that moment, I really feel like I LIVE here!!!
cynthiaz on Matador.

9. hknunzio
When she’s not haggling at South American markets or dipping her hands in a jar of dulce de leche, Hope enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee, watching documentaries, and looking for the next big adventure.
hknunzio on Matador.

10. jmann18
I’m fired up on: learning to cook, flying planes, exploring, reading, writing, painting, crossing things off my life’s to-do list.
jmann818 on Matador.

11. Kristin Mock
My personal philosophy is: If you can’t write about it, go do something you can write about!
Kristin Mock on Matador.

12. Lena Kozlova
I’m about to start a 6-month backpacking trip through South East Asia.
Lena Kozlova on Matador.

13. Louie Pac
Though well-visited any day of the year, Stonehenge is overwhelmed at the solstices. This was the scene on June 21, 2009. Below is the famous site during a more reflective moment.
Louie_Pac on Matador.

14. Michael Dougherty
Mike D is a firefighter and world-traveler. He works at a science base in Antarctica for half the year, and travels the world the rest of the year. He is a decent cook, a poor photographer, and a hack of a writer
Michael Dougherty on Matador.

15. Philippa Young
Currently I am working with a film crew on a project documenting camel cheese all over the world. Bring on the cheese.
Philippa Young on Matador.

16. Michael Preston
I retired from the military in 2003 and was a government civilian until Aug 2009. I’ve lived in various regions of the U.S., Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Germany.
Michael Preston on Matador.

17. smwhalley
Going on Holiday for 4 months turned into 4 years of travel working as a tour leader for various overland companies in South America, Africa and the Middle east. next stop india and Nepal.
smwhalley on Matador.

18. TreeOctopus
Travelling Next: Somewhere wondrous
TreeOctopus on Matador.

19. viofree
Before I die I’d like to: Run a full marathon. Learn Portuguese. Live outside the US. Gaze at a sunrise from above the clouds.
viofree on Matador.

20. yanie
I’m a very lucky girl who has received a postgraduate fellowship to study music and travel abroad for a year. I’m backpacking across four continents to explore different choral cultures.
yanie on Matador.

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