Photographer and Matadorian Jeff Bartlett Launches 52 Week Project

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by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Feb 10, 2011
Jeff Bartlett

All photos courtesy of Jeff Bartlett.

Adventure photographer and MatadorU alum Jeff Bartlett is launching a new travel and outdoor photography project and we wanted to find out more about it.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your photography.

My photography is really just an extension of my passion: outdoor adventure. I love spending time in the mountains. Since I finished high school, I’ve been chasing one adventure after the other in Norway, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Chile, Argentina and Canada. Once I made the decision to study photography and journalism, I knew I would focus on outdoor lifestyles and adventure sports.

What is the “52 Weeks: Go Out And Explore” Project about?

My “52 Weeks: Go Out and Explore” project is a yearlong personal project that will motivate me to take personal time each week and spend it in nature. I’m uploading a single image to my website every week and I hope to sell them as limited edition 16X12 prints. I’m also posting smaller versions on my website and blog to help spread the word.

Jeff Bartlett
How did the idea come about?

Last year was my first full year as a freelancer and, as the year went on, I spent too much time behind my computer screen. Marketing, querying, writing, and editing took up so much time that I didn’t get to shoot for myself. When I was shooting, it was for an assignment. I really want to change that this year, because I’m a happier person if I’m outside.

How can readers support this project?

Support is greatly appreciated and easy. The three best ways to help are:

1) Go to Under Portfolio, click on 52 Weeks: Go Out and Explore, and purchase your favorite image.

2) Follow me on twitter and tweet this message:

Support the 52 Weeks: Go Out and Explore project by @PhotoJBartlett by purchasing a limited edition print –

3) Help spread the word by emailing your friends, telling your family, and shouting from rooftops. You could even drop hints to your significant other before your anniversary
or birthday. Just help me spread the word and come back for next week’s image.

Jeff Bartlett
What are your future plans?

I have a hard time separating plans and dreams. Ideally, I’ll make big steps this year as a photographer and continue to improve my craft every day. In the future, I want my work to include more sustainability and environmental issues. I’d also love to take part in larger expeditions as the designated pack horse and photographer.

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