Picks of the Week: Cheap Europe Round-Up!

by Eva Holland May 12, 2008

Photo by Eva Holland

Ahhh, Europe.

Sometimes I think I could spend the rest of my life lounging on a bench in a Venetian campo, or wandering the coastal paths of south west England, and not get bored.

Of course, boredom probably wouldn’t be my first problem; bankruptcy would be!

In honor of the almighty Euro (and the powerful British Pound), this week Matador Pulse brings you the best of the Matador Network’s advice for cheaper travel in Europe.

For some general advice to get started, try Brave New Traveler’s 8 Budget Travel Tips to Make Europe Cheap Again and 5 Budget Friendly Ways to Get Around Europe.

Over at The Traveler’s Notebook, check out the Top 10 Hostels in Europe and the Top 10 Websites for Finding a Cheap Place to Stay.

Getting down to specific destinations, check the Notebook again for a podcast on the Top 5 European Travels for a Falling US Dollar. Headed to the British Isles? Browse through Brave New Traveler’s Budget Travel Tips for Great Britain.

Finally, Matador Trips has kicked off a whole series on cheap European travel with two great articles about France: How to Travel in France For Less Than $100 a Day and How to Enjoy Paris On $100 a Day.

Enjoy! And stay tuned for lots more cheap Europe advice from Matador Trips!

Community Connections:

Lots of Matador members have been traveling around Europe and posting fantastic blogs about their experiences. Here’s a small sample: jgbrandt’s Crashing at James Joyce’s House, Adam’s The Old Front, or Valerie’s No Looking Back.

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