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Picks of the Week: Favorite Place-Based Websites

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by Julie Schwietert May 5, 2008
How do you get information about what’s going on around the world? Here are three of the best websites offering dynamic content about countries that rarely make it into the news.

1. Frontline and Frontline World
Frontline has been producing fantastic documentaries for years, but their online archive has allowed a much larger audience to learn about places and events that are often off the general radar screen.

More than 70 documentaries are available for immediate viewing online—and best of all, you don’t have to sign up as a user. Type “Frontline World” into the “Search” box, and you’ll see more than 100 short documentaries from around the world. Be sure to check out the FlashPoint slideshows, too.

2. Magnum Photos
Beyond being a stunning archive of some of the best photos, period, Magnum’s website offers essays, podcasts, and blogs about people and places in every corner of the world.

What could be more timely than photos from the demonstration at the Olympic torch relay in Paris? Want a quick photo fix? Type any country into the “search” box and feast your eyes on the thumbnails that pop up.

3. Leonard Lopate Show, “Underreported
Tired of the same old news? Check out the online version of “Underreported,” a segment from the Leonard Lopate Show, which airs on New York radio station, WNYC. Lopate chooses a new topic every week—recent subjects have included “Swaziland’s Royal Family,” “Eating Insects,” and “The News from East Timor”—and goes in depth to tell stories no one else is tackling.

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