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How to Stay Fit on the Road

by Eva Holland May 26, 2008

When I first did a google search to kick off my hunt for this week’s picks, I came across a lot of perky, apparently-this-is-news-to-us stuff like this:

Did you know that these days, any hotel worthy of the name will have a free fitness center for guests? Use it!


Ask your big-name, over-priced gym whether they have deals with franchises in other cities! They’ll hook you up!

Okay, so I’m paraphrasing. And maybe adding in a dose of sarcasm. But the point is, it was harder than I thought to find quality fitness tips for travelers who aren’t staying in four-star hotels and who don’t have global gym memberships.

There is some great stuff out there, though! If you’re an independent traveler looking to stay fit on the road without spending much money, look no further.

Start with Turner Wright’s 5 Lesser Known Ways To Stay Fit When Traveling – these not only get you exercising, but help you connect with your destination, too.

Over at World Hum, Rolf Potts gives a detailed answer to the question, How do you stay fit when you’re traveling? His personal road fitness routine requires nothing more than a resistance band and a pair of running shoes.

Finally, also offers some good tips, including simple items to pack, and ways to work fitness into your sightseeing.

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