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Sleepless in SEA? (or JFK, LAX, or ORD?)

by Julie Schwietert Jul 20, 2008

If you’re a regular Pulse reader, then you know that every few weeks or so I’m due a new rant on the American airline industry.

It’s that time again.

A recent article in The New York Times reported what any frequent air traveler already knows: “Sleeping at an airport overnight…has become a lot more common lately,” due to the fact that “airlines are no longer as free with complimentary hotel vouchers as they once were.”

If you’ve ever had to fold yourself into an uncomfortable airport chair to catch a few winks or if you’ve woken up from a power nap with a neck stiff from the arm rests that are deliberately intended to keep weary passengers from lounging, then you might just be interested in a little invention by entrepreneur Frank Giotto.

The Mini Motel, a sort of pup tent equipped with air mattress, was developed by Giotto after spending an unanticipated night in a German airport. In addition to the sleeping comfort afforded by the Mini Motel, the tent comes with a pillow, reading light, and alarm clock. The price isn’t half bad, either: at $39.99, the Mini Motel is certainly cheaper than a hotel, and it’s cheaper than most tents on the market.

No word on whether Giotto’s invention has been popping up in more airports or how airport officials are responding to the Mini Motel, though Giotto thinks that airlines will welcome his invention– it’s one less item airlines will have to spring for!

Perhaps Giotto’s next invention will be an all-in-one parachute, raft, oxygen mask, and flotation device, which disgruntled and disenfranchised airline passengers will have to purchase if they want to fly.

What inventions do you think might make air travel better? Share your ideas below!

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