SPOIL: Say NO to an Oil Pipeline From Alberta to the Westcoast of BC (VIDEO)

by Carlo Alcos Apr 9, 2011

Take 44 mins one of these days and watch this. It won “Best Environmental Film” at the Vancouver International Film Festival 2011.

Enbridge wants to build an oil pipeline from the Alberta oilsands (the dirtiest oil in the world) to the west coast of BC through the Great Bear Rainforest, so tankers can cart off the oil to other nations. Problem is, it cuts right into a nature preserve where natives have been living off the land self-sustainably for thousands of years. And where only a few “spirit bears” (white black bears) live, not to mention a rich ecosystem. The waters where the tankers would have to navigate are so dangerous that an accident (ie oil spill) seems inevitable.

In 2006, a BC ferry (the Queen of the North) sank in these same waters because it missed a turn and crashed into an island. It was making a relatively easy manoeuvre whereas oil tankers, on the proposed route, would have to make five difficult right angle turns. The Exxon Valdez spill was 260,000 barrels. The proposed super-tankers will hold 2,000,000 barrels. You do the math.

At the end of the film they give the Prime Minister’s number to call, 613.992.4211, and urge everyone to call and ask for a permanent ban on oil tankers on BC’s coast.

Here’s a 3-minute trailer:

And the full feature:

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