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Trend to Watch: Honeymoon Registries

by Eva Holland Jan 16, 2009

My family was a little puzzled when my cousin announced, in the lead-up to her nuptials, that instead of wedding gifts she’d prefer contributions to her honeymoon.

That’s not traditional, aunts and uncles whispered. Why doesn’t she do a normal gift registry?

Non-traditional they may be, but increasingly, honeymoon registries make a lot of sense – whether for people who are getting married a little later than our parents’ generations, and so don’t need the traditional household basics of good kitchenware and towels, or even for those who (gasp!) just aren’t that into place settings.

Here’s the deal: honeymoon registries, set up through sites like Buy Our Honeymoon, allow for newlyweds to request specific experiences and gifts within the honeymoon umbrella.

It’s not like just forking over cash towards a trip — guests still get the satisfaction of selecting a particular event or activity, whether that means a scuba diving lesson or a special meal out, that the couple will remember (and, presumably, associate with the gift-giver) forever.

I haven’t got any wedding plans lined up at the moment (though any Yanks up for a greencard wedding should drop me a line!), but — as someone who spends nearly every penny I can spare on travel — I love the idea of receiving travel experiences as gifts, in lieu of the usual housewares.

To learn more, check out Buy Our Honeymoon.

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