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Where Do the Best Travel Stories Come From?

by Eva Holland Mar 20, 2009
Just about everywhere, it turns out.

AND I DON’T just mean every corner of the physical world, either — they can be spun out of even the most unexpected moments, thoughts and connections in our own lives.

Case in point: last night I attended a reading featuring several contributors to The Best Travel Writing 2009, the latest in the popular series of Travelers’ Tales anthologies.

The readers — Jill Paris, Peter Wortsman, and Matador member David Farley — all shared their contributions to the book, and guess what?

None of them had to journey to the ends of the earth to find a compelling travel story.

From shopping for traditional Austrian attire, to a less-than-wild expat unexpectedly finding his inner cowboy through the expectations of his French in-laws, and even to a long walk in Italy bringing the writer back to his childhood “special ed” classes, each story stemmed from wholly individual experiences and insights.

None required major external drama — a coup, or a near-miss on a mountaineering expedition, say — to function as free-standing narratives.

It was a great reminder — for me and other aspiring writers — that when we’re in search of our next story, we shouldn’t forget to look inward, too.

Got a story to tell? Check out the submission guidelines for Travelers’ Tales, and don’t forget about our own Notes from the Road submissions call, too!

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