The Guinness Book of World Records is filled with bizarre feats performed by people eager to see their names in print.

Some of the strangest entries involve food consumption.

Photo: quami77

There’s Ken Edwards, a London man who holds the record (eight years and running) for eating the most cockroaches–36–in one minute, and Jim Lyngvild, a resident of Copenhagen who set the bar for eating the most Ferrrero Rocher chocolates in one minute–seven (seems pretty weak to me).

This week, a new food record was entered into the Guinness register.

Anandita Dutta Tamuly, a woman from Jorhat, India, put competitors to shame by eating 51 ghost chilis–considered the world’s hottest–in a minute. Famously foul-mouthed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay looked on as Tamuly set her record, and was left speechless.

Tamuly, for her part, was reportedly pleased to have set a Guinness record, but was disappointed in her performance– she’s eaten as many as 60 of the chilis in a single sitting, so she failed to break her own personal record.

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