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World Nomads Announces Sweet Photography Scholarship

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by Julie Schwietert Jul 13, 2009
Matador’s friends over at World Nomads announce a sweet photography scholarship.

Antarctica is on many travelers’ dream destination list
, but the logistics–not to mention the expense–of getting there are a bit daunting.

And then there’s the issue of the weather.

While World Nomads can’t help you with that last part, it’ll handle all the other details.

You just have to win their latest photography scholarship!

World Nomads, along with National Geographic Channel and Gap Adventures, will be awarding one exceptional photographer the opportunity to travel to Antarctica–all expenses paid–with award-winning photographer Jason Edwards.

In addition to winning the trip, the sponsors will set you up with a couple thousand dollars’ worth of gear from Pentax so you can fulfill the scholarship assignment: spending 11 days photographing the world’s most remote wilderness aboard Gap Adventure’s Antarctica Classic M/S Expedition, exploring the Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula.

Sound cool?

It is–and there’s lots more, too (like having your images published by National Geographic).

For full details, click on over to World Nomad’s announcement, which can be found here.

Community Connection:

Want to talk with an Antarctica expert before the trip (’cause YOU are going to win that scholarship!)? Be sure to get in touch with Matador’s man in Antarctica.

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