Your Day Was Awesome Because...

by Carlo Alcos Mar 21, 2011

Ever have those moments where everything seems right, and you notice the most mundane things and take pleasure in them? It happened to me the other day walking home from the grocery store. It was lightly raining and I had no umbrella but I was in a particularly good mood. I stopped to watch a puddle, how the rain drops fell into it and created a circle that radiated out. I thought about how even the best artist in the world couldn’t draw a circle that perfect, or even the most powerful computer.

A friend of mine — actually, someone I met through the Matador Travel community a couple years ago — started up a new blog called “Today Was Awesome Because…” in which he finds something positive everyday and writes about it. As to Why? he says:

What if we were all more aware of how often we projected negativity through complaining, bullying, speaking negatively about another person (even when that person isn’t present), feeling sorry for ourselves, blaming our problems on others instead of reflecting on one’s own actions, and so on. All of this negativity creates an invisible blindfold and we’re unable to see all the awesome things that are all around us all the time. What if we reminded ourselves each and every day that this is a spectacular world. That this planet is a natural wonder.

Every single day of our lives can be extraordinary, it just might take a little effort to see how. But effort worth making.

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