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11 Cities Seen Through the Eyes of Their Dogs

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by Henry Miller Oct 17, 2017

Sometimes, the hardest part of the day is saying goodbye to your dog in the morning. When you get out of the shower, they are hogging up the bathmat because they don’t want to be too far from you. While you brush your teeth, they flop around on your bed hoping that you will give them an extra treat for breakfast. When you finish your coffee, they are staring at the cabinet where you keep the ball chucker. Tragically, it’s a workday, and you have to leave them behind so you can make a living for the both of you.

But your pooches don’t spend their day just waiting around. Oh no, while you are gone they go on walks with friends and see the place where you live in a way most of us never get to.

Here are the best dog-walker Instagrams that let you see through the eyes of 11 pooches while their parents are at work.

1. zilkerbark in Austin, TX

“Don’t you think Austin looks better with me in front?”

2. Pup_talkpdx in Portland, OR

“Look Gene, we have our own pup-arazzi!”

3. barklifehfx in Halifax, Canada

“Okay everyone, smile!”, “Blaaaaaaarff!”

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4. socialcanines in Hungtington Beach, CA

“Mom takes good care of me, but it’s time I set out on my own. Hello, world!”

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5. chasingtailsf in San Francisco, CA

“Let’s play-time!”, “Okay, arf-I’m-a-gonna-arf-splarf-you-arf!”

6. madison_dogma in McFarland, WI

“Man, I wish dad could watch me do this everyday.”

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7. club_canine_bexhill in Bexhill, UK

“Virgil and I have been together for 43 years and we still find so much to talk about.”

8. hippiehounds
in Southampton, UK

“Do our parents know that we live right next to a magical forest?”

9. thepawtasticnanny in Claremont, NH:

“Come frolic in the fruits of Autumn with me, lover!”

10. auntieemspetsitting in Rochester, NY

“I like to get my beach on. Sue me.”

11. maggieandfriendshundebetreuung in Lünen, Germany

"I think I found a dead thing. It. smells. Amaaahzing."

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