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10 Incredibly Stupid Questions Every Bartender Has Had to Answer

by Melissa Allen Jan 15, 2018

1. “What’s your favorite drink to make?”

Whatever’s fastest.

2. “What drink would you order?”

Top shelf, baby.

3. “Can you make it extra strong?”

Can you pay twice the price for a double?

4. “Do you make a good (insert any cocktail)?”

No, all my drinks taste like garbage.

5. “I know you’re not open yet, but can we come in anyway?”

6. “I know you’re closing, but can you make us one more round?”

Okay, maybe shots. No chasers though.

7. “What’s that?”

The patrons that point to everything at the bar and want to talk about it. It’s just simple syrup!

8. “What’s in this?”

It’s a gin and tonic.

9. “Can you play this song for me?”

Let me just serve the bar full of other guests first.

10. “Are you an actor or something?”

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