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Someone on TikTok Exposed the Actual Value of the $1000 Chanel Advent Calendar

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by Morgane Croissant Dec 9, 2021

It might seem strikingly obvious to many, but spending more than $1,000 on an advent calendar is not worth it. Any doubters simply need to look to the TikTok of Elise Harmon, who purchased a Chanel advent calendar this year for the eye-watering price of $1,025.

The Chanel advent calendar in question, elegantly shaped like a bottle of the famous Chanel N°5, is a special item released by the luxury brand to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the perfume.

The anniversary is also celebrated in other fancy ways. In London, for example, famous luxury department store Harrods dedicated five of its Christmas windows displays and its Door Five entrance to the event. And if passersby manage to find and keep good count of all the miniature N°5 bottles hidden in the five windows, they receive a gift at the store’s Chanel beauty counter. Hopefully, those gifts are better than what’s in the Chanel advent calendar.

The advent calendar starts on December 5 (a nod to the name of the acclaimed fragrance) and ends on December 31. Anyone expecting all 27 boxes to be filled with high-class products from the brand were seriously disappointed.


Worth the hype? Probably not but it is pretty

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When Elise Harmon opened the ninth door of the calendar, she exclaimed, “This has to be a joke. This is a joke. Stickers?! Stickers?!”

And who can blame her? Stickers are the polar opposite of what the Chanel brand represents — namely elegance, luxury, and high quality.

There are some good items to be had, such as body cream, bath soap, lipstick, nail polish, and perfume, but the cheap trinkets, like a plastic bracelet, sticker, bookmark, and keychain, have severely disappointed those who purchased the calendar expecting sophistication.


Part 5 I am barely hanging on over here y’all

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In defense of the brand, all the items included in the Chanel advent calendar were very clearly listed on its website with pictures illustrating each gift. But still, when seen up close, some of the items look tacky, low-quality, and certainly not in line with what one would expect from such a famous luxury brand — and not worth the $1,025 price tag.

In a statement given to the Toronto Star, Chanel explained “We are aware of the comments that are currently visible under our publications and are sorry that this calendar may have disappointed some people.”

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