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11 Signs You Were Raised by a Mom From Maine

by Kit Graham Jun 21, 2018

There are certain childhood experiences shared by those who grew up with a mom from Maine. Their expressions of tough love showed you how to be independent and made you consider your environmental footprint from a young age. From being taught how to swim at a crazy young age to being educated about recycling, here are 11 signs that you were raised by a mom from Maine.

1. You were sent outside to play no matter the weather.

Zero degrees? No problem. Your mom grew up playing outside and she expected you to do the same. She might not have let you stay in and play video games or watch movies on a cold day, but she did always have hot cocoa ready for you when you came in from the snow.

2. You and your mom had some of the same teachers.

It’s bound to happen when you grow up in the same town as your mother. There is a degree of comfort when your form teacher has fond or comical memories of your mom’s school days. And we tip our hat to the handful of teachers who educated generations of our family for 30+ years.

3. You were forced to take years of swim lessons.

You remember begging not to go and how shockingly cold the water always was, but there was no getting out of it. Your mom made sure that you learned to swim so that she didn’t have to worry about you swimming in the ocean. She would stand at the edge of the water and watch you like a hawk, but after a few years of lessons, she became more at ease leaving you to properly enjoy the water without surveillance.

4. You spent your childhood covered head to toe in sunscreen and bug repellent.

You and your siblings would be told to line up, and then one by one you would stand on the coffee table with your arms out so that mom could cover your entire body with sunscreen and/or bug spray. You dreaded it but knew there was no escape.

5. You can practically recite Miss Rumphius and Blueberries for Sal.

Mom’s pride for Maine meant that books by local authors were on heavy rotation. She may have even pointed out everyone she knew in The Remarkable Riderless Runaway Tricycle and told you their backstory.

6. Growing up your chores included recycling and composting.

You started recycling before you even started school, and you know exactly what can and can’t be composted.

7. Everyone in town knows your mom.

You knew that you needed to behave because if you didn’t your mom would find out before you saw her again. Even the smallest things like riding a bike without a helmet would get back to her instantly. On the flip side, you definitely scored a couple of summer jobs just because the boss was friends with mom.

8. Your childhood involved learning Maine life skills.

You know how to ice fish, sail, start a bonfire, catch a fish, and set up a tent. Your mom wanted to make sure you learned how to fend for yourself…and you can, even in the apocalypse.

9. You know there would be hell to pay if you tracked sand, mud, or snow into the house.

You still hear your Mom’s voice in your head screaming “Don’t track into the house!” every time you approach a front door when you have muddy or wet shoes on.

10. You were told a cautionary tale for everything.

At some point you might have questioned your Mom’s ability to have a cautionary tale for everything — were all these crazy stories true, were they local tall tales, or did mom have an overactive imagination? Either way, you knew not to go swimming alone, to stick your hand out a car window, or to pet a stray dog.

11. Your mom is constantly trying to convince you to move back to Maine.

Your mom knows that Maine is the best place to raise a family, and she wants you to know it too. Even if you already live in Maine, she wants you to live closer. And she loves to find subtle ways to mention homes for sale near her whenever you chat.

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