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12 Last-Minute Costume Ideas That Will Save Your Halloween

by Henry Miller Oct 31, 2017

Halloween is upon us! But are you prepared? You thought you could get out of the office party, and that your cousin could take your kids out trick-or-treating, but now your presence is required and you need a costume.

Here is a list of the cheapest, easiest, and most clever Halloween costumes you can put together in less than an hour.

1. Old jeans and a flannel laying around? Add some makeup and you are a scarecrow.

2. The office fruit bowl finally has purpose.

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3. Because who needs a cake made out of rainbows and smiles?

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4. Some people only need a marker and t-shirt to demonstrate their brilliance.

5. Or a marker and a piece of cardboard.

6. Babies make everything work.

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7. Nothing backs up your last-minute Halloween game better than a partner.

8. Here’s one way to go as “sexy” something without getting hypothermia.

9. When confronted by skeptics, it helps to have a response ready-made.

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10. An office printer and colorful t’s are all you really need.

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11. When all other Rocky Horror outfits are sold out, “Wet Brad and Janet” will do.

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12. Finally, a last minute stop at Sephora and the courage to destroy your childhood friend can go a long way.

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