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20 Signs You're Dating a Southern Belle

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by Robin Raven Dec 11, 2017

1. You’ve had the sweet tea vs. all other tea conversation.

2. You know what it means to inspire romance at a Cracker Barrel.

3. You now expect to be blessed when you sneeze or cough around anyone.

4. You’re wearing a monogrammed winter hat with pride (and it matches hers).

5. You know “fixing to” do something can mean it will happen in 10 minutes or 10 days.

6. You’ve learned 100 ways of using “y’all” in a sentence, and none are ever wrong.

7. You can discern when she’s using gossip as a weapon, a hobby, or an icebreaker.

8. You know you really screwed up anytime she blesses your heart.

9. You’re learning to like saying “fudged” and “darn”.

10. You know that roughing it can mean camping with champagne and finger foods.

11. You no longer go anywhere without a hostess gift.

12. You find yourself dropping quotes from “Gone with the Wind” in casual conversations.

13. Your social circle is now mostly made of her sorority sisters.

14. You deeply understand that fried okra trumps French fries.

15. You had to learn to read cursive.

16. You’ve started to “sir” or “ma’am” people. Southern manners are contagious.

17. You’re comforted by the fact that there’s room in her purse for anything you bring on a date.

18. You no longer drink a cocktail out of anything but a mason jar.

19. You’ve learned that grits can be served at least 10 different ways at every meal.

20. You don’t worry when she calls someone else darling, honey, or sweetie because you heard her use them all every time she meets a new cat or dog.

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