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25 Things You’ll Never Hear a Mainer Say

by Lauren Crosby May 7, 2018

Maine-isms are very much a thing; we basically have our own take on the English language, which among other identifiers helps us tell immediately who’s from here and who’s from Boston. We’re quick with a response to “Chuppta?” and love a good bed lunch (midnight snack). Likewise, there are also loads of thing you’ll never hear a Mainer say. Here are just a few of them.

1. Their “R’s”.

2. “I love driving Route 1 in the summer!”

3. “What time does L.L.Bean open and close?”

4. “Nah, I don’t need snow tires on the family car this winter.”

5. “No dear, I ain’t gonna buy anything from Uncle Henry’s.”

6. “I’ll show you where I pick my fiddleheads.”

7. “Hey Y’all!”

8. “Oh, I’ll only spend a couple minutes thrifting for treasures at the Transfer Station…”

9. “I’ve never been to a Sea Dogs game.”

10. “Your wood pile looks better than my wood pile.”

11. “I’ll give you my Ma’s baked bean recipe.”

12. “Finding parking in Portland is so easy.”

13. “I’ve never read a Stephen King novel.”

14. “My summer home is in Kennebunkport.”


16. “I’m vacationing in Lewiston next week.”

17. “Buying seafood at Shaw’s is wicked cheap.”

18. “Are you going to finish that coffee brandy?”

19. “Canadian lobster tastes better than Maine lobster.”

20.Acadia National Park is overrated.”

21. “I’ve never partied in Orono.”

22. “No, can’t fix that.”

23. “I don’t need to buy milk, bread, and eggs before a Nor’easter.”

24. “What does Moose Tracks ice cream taste like?”

25. “When I retire I want to move to Massachusetts.”

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