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17 Travel Photo Clichés We All Need to Avoid From Now On

by Henry Miller Oct 21, 2017

Travel photography is tough. Capturing an experience that you want to remember forever without coming off braggy or cliché is not always so easy, especially when confronted with a monument that has been photographed millions of times.

So here is a list of travel photo cliches we hope you will avoid from now on. Hotdog legs is not on here because, well, hotdog legs are hilarious. Please post more hotdog legs, especially if they are actually just a pair of hotdogs on a beach.

1. Torch carrying at the Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty is trying to light a beacon for the huddled masses and you are just in the way.

2. Balboa-ing in Philly

You know there are statues of real people who founded the oldest democracy on earth nearby, right?

3. Elephant showers in Southeast Asia

Not only is it a cliché, but there is a dark story behind getting some of those elephants to do that.

4. Ohmmm-my-God

Just cus Buddha does it doesn’t mean you have to. I hear he’s actually pretty chill.

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5. Human scaffolding at Pisa

Doubling up just compounds the cliché.

6. Unsynchronized crossing at Abbey Road

Seriously, you’re causing a traffic jam and one of you needs to take off their shoes so your followers think that they are dead.

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7. Kissing the Sphinx at Giza

I know for a fact that the giant cat-demon made of stone did not consent to this.

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8. The cup sizes of Bavaria

Yes, those steins at Ocktoberfest are big.

9. The Dead Sea mud shot

It just reminds us that your pores are going to look amazing later.

10. Fondling the Taj Mahal

There is a dead emperor and his wife in there! Stop trying to stimulate their mausoleum. Ditto for the Vatican.

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11. Making out in Times Square

Considering that the original may not have involved consent on her part, mimicking the shot just feels kinda weird.

12. Christ the Imitator

You’re not Jesus, Steve.

13. That stock photo of Machu Picchu

Seriously, can we get a new angle please?

14. Infiniti by the sea

We get it, you can afford a swank hotel.

15. A Roman Gelato Holiday

How about not blocking famous works of art with your dessert?

16. Henna tattoos

Also applies to your #firstbindi.

17. Just anything about how Paris is romantic

We are all sick of you Paris, with your lovelocks and your manic pixie dream city ways. You know what’s romantic? Antwerp. Yeah I said it. Get that baguette outta my face and sling me a Belgian Waffle.

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