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A 93-Year-Old Woman Ran Out of Beer, and Coors Came to the Rescue

by Eben Diskin Apr 14, 2020

Food and supply shortages have devastated communities around the world, but there’s only one shortage this 93-year-old woman really cares about. Beer. Olive Veronesi of Seminole, Pennsylvania, was photographed in the window of her home holding a Coors Light in one hand and a sign in the other that read, “I NEED MORE BEER!” Apparently, her plea was answered.

Molson Coors showed up at her house on Monday afternoon bearing gifts. Specifically, 150 cans of Coors Light.

“I was on my last 12 cans,” Veronesi said, “I have a beer can every night. You know what, beer has vitamins in it, it’s good for you, as long as you don’t overdo it.”

When the delivery arrived, she immediately cracked one open on her porch and said, “That tastes pretty good.”

A spokesperson for Molson Coors told CNN, “When we saw Olive’s message, we knew we had to jump at the chance to not only connect with someone who brought a smile to our faces during this pandemic, but also gave us a special opportunity to say thanks for being a Coors Light fan. Even in the pre-COVID era, we would’ve been thrilled to fulfill Olive’s request. But in this moment, during these unusual times, bringing a little bit of joy to someone’s day is the least we can do.”

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