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An Airbnb Is Cleaner Than a Luxury Hotel, Study Says

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by Tim Wenger Sep 3, 2018

No matter which type of accommodation you choose when you travel, odds are high that you don’t want to be sleeping in someone else’s muck. Predicting how clean your lodging will be, however, often proves to be quite a challenge. The Sleep Judge surveyed more than 1,000 traveling Americans to learn their thoughts on topics like accommodation cleanliness, how frequently they consider star ratings in choosing a place to stay, and certain things that stuck out the most to them in their room. The results may come as a surprise, especially if you’re the type who frequently burrows in deep under the covers in hotel rooms. Airbnbs are, on average, far cleaner than even luxury hotel rooms.

Perhaps Airbnb guests show more respect simply because they’re staying in someone else’s home, leading them to be more conscious of grime left behind. 75 percent have found nothing unclean about their Airbnb, compared with 57 percent of hotel stays. At top tier-price points, Airbnb won the cleanliness battle hands down. 91 percent spotless room rentals priced over $300, whereas only 69 percent of hotel guests had the same experience.

When it came to specific items inside the room, Airbnb came out on top once again. Hotel guests are far pickier. They request new linens and toiletries more often and are more likely to flat out refuse to use in-room amenities such as coffee pots or glassware. Hair seems almost unavoidable no matter where you stay. 12 percent of respondents claimed they found ‘sexual fluids’ in the room, compared to only 6 percent of Airbnb guests. There was one point of equality between the battling behemoths of lodging, however, and it’s quite a big one. In both hotels and Airbnbs, one in five respondents said they’ve requested to change rooms after finding their assigned quarters far too dirty for their liking.

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