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Airbnb Just Deleted 80 Percent of Its Japan Listings

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by Eben Diskin Jun 4, 2018

Finding accommodation in Japan just got a lot tougher. Japan’s Nikkei newspaper reports that this weekend, over 62,000 homes, apartments, and rooms were removed from Airbnb’s website. The removals are a response to Japan’s new law regarding home-share spaces, which goes into effect on June 15.

Over the past year, Japan has made a series of moves designed to crack down on Airbnb, especially as the country becomes more and more popular with tourists. Now, Airbnb hosts will have to register for government permission to rent out their homes, and will not be able to rent for more than 180 days per year.

These strict rules are designed to add some regulation to a largely unregulated industry. The Japanese government wants to ensure that Airbnbs are safe, that hosts are held accountable, and that the accomodations giant is adhering to local laws. In the future, all Japanese Airbnb hosts will have to provide a registration number to guarantee the rental’s validity.

The situation in Japan, however, might just be the tip of the iceberg. Later this month, courts in Paris are preparing to rule on the legality of over 40,000 Airbnb listings. Before we know it, we may find ourselves turning back to hostels and hotels, just like the old days.

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