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This “Leave Me Alone” Sweater Is Perfect for Antisocial Travelers

by Eben Diskin Aug 20, 2018

If you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse not to interact with people at the airport, or on public transportation, the “leave me alone” sweater could be the best piece of clothing you acquire all year. We can all empathize with Ruth Grace, the inventor of the sweater. Sometimes you just want to be left alone. No pleasantries. No idle, pointless conversation. Just some good old-fashioned you-time with zero interruptions. Well, with the “leave me alone sweater,” you’ll certainly be putting out those hermit vibes in full force. Even if someone did try speaking to you, we’re not sure how they’d do it, or how you’d hear them.

Now, thanks to Ruth Grace, you can make your very own “leave me alone” sweater by following her instructions. It’s actually pretty simple. It starts out as a classic sweater dress, but with the easy addition of a zipper, you can transform it into your own personal happy place.

“You can wear it three ways,” says Grace in her instructions. “Cowl neck, off-the-shoulder, and leave me alone. The leave me alone mode is more of a statement than a functional piece of clothing — I can’t see anything through my sweater.”

If you don’t want to bother crafting the sweater yourself, you can purchase one ready-made at Betabrand, but they’re currently all sold out. To pre-order a sweater manufactured by Ruth herself, visit her official website.

H/T: Hello Giggles

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