One of Italy's Most Classic Destinations Just Got a Lot Harder to See This Summer

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by Olivia Harden Jun 22, 2022

A winding journey along the Amalfi Coast is a popular road trip (and even for electric vehicles), and it’s not hard to see why. The journey is only 40 miles, but views of cliffs topped with pastel houses throughout Positano and gorgeous cliffside gardens in Ravello make it no wonder why it’s such an Instagram-friendly destination for tourists. But if you plan to make the trek this summer, you might be tempted to make other plans because traveling the route is about to be a bit complicated.

Unfortunately, due to its popularity, the Amalfi Coast can quickly go from dreamy to nightmarish because of the backed-up traffic. The narrow roads are in some portions even a single-lane highway. And parking can become impossible. During this year’s peak season from June 15 to September 30, from 10 AM to six PM, drivers will have to follow an alternating driving schedule based on their license plate, according to CNN. For example, if your license plate ends in an odd number, you will be able to drive on odd-numbered days, and then even numbers will be able to drive on even-numbered days.

Exceptions include residents of the coastal towns and public transport vehicles, taxis, and cars with a hired driver. Plus, vehicles over 10.36 meters long are now banned, and caravans and vehicles with trailers will only be able to use the road between midnight and 6:30 AM. Failing to follow the new policies can result in a fine (although the price of that fine is yet to be determined).

Feelings about the new guidelines are mixed, according to CNN. Some locals think the new policies will make a significant difference and others are concerned about the effects the policy will have on tourists who need to catch flights and trains back home and return rental cars.

Suggestions for travel not using a car are catching the ferry or choosing public transportation instead. And truthfully, it may be worth it to check out the stunning region.

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