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Baggage Handler Caught Stealing From Luggage While Loading a Plane

by Eben Diskin Sep 17, 2018

No matter how seasoned a traveler you are, this thought has likely crossed your mind when you check your bag: “I wonder if anyone’s rummaging through my luggage.” You’ve probably learned to push that fear to the back of your mind, and that’s where it should stay. But although the chances of airport thievery are extremely low, it does happen occasionally, as this video reveals.

A baggage handler loading a plane from Ibiza to Madrid opened a suitcase and stole a speaker belonging to a teenage boy. He was caught on camera by another passenger on the plane, who then reported the incident to a flight attendant. The footage shows the worker opening the suitcase, digging around with his hand, and then hiding a red speaker inside his pants pocket.

The baggage handler, who started the job only three days earlier, admitted to the crime and now faces trial. Luckily for the teenager, the speaker was immediately recovered a returned to him. “I was very grateful,” the boy’s mother told Diario de Ibiza, “because I had bought it for my son’s birthday.”

This isn’t the first incident of theft and misconduct at an airport. Last summer, a baggage handler (at the Ibiza airport, again), was caught throwing passengers’ suitcases around, and just last month, a man was filmed stealing bags from a Malaysia Airlines overhead compartment.

H/T: Daily Mail

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