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BBC Earth Is Looking for a New Attenborough and It Could Be You

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by Eben Diskin Jun 7, 2018

If you weep while watching Planet Earth and dream of hosting your own TV show, you’re in luck. BBC Earth is looking for a first-time presenter, who brings a unique perspective to natural history and science, to host a four-part YouTube series.

The criteria are pretty simple. They want someone who’s truly enthusiastic about the world of science, space, and the human race, and is eager to share their enthusiasm with the BBC audience. The only stipulation? You can’t have been a TV presenter before.

If you think you’re the next David Attenborough, upload a short video to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, that shows off your unique approach to educational communication. The video should be in English, under 60 seconds, with a focus on explaining your favorite fact about science. You can shoot the video vlog style, conduct an interview, utilize animation — whatever you think will get your passion across, and set you apart from the competition. Once you’ve uploaded the video to your social platform of choice, use the hashtag #BBCEarthPresenterSearch somewhere in the post, so BBC can find it.

Now comes the easy part. Just fill out the entry form online, include a link to your video and a short statement about why you want to become a BBC Earth presenter, and you’re done! Just make sure you get your entries in by midnight on July 5th.

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