Here’s one hotel that’s definitely not suitable for children. In March 2017, Scottish beer company BrewDog launched a crowdfunding campaign for the “world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel” with taps in all the rooms, mini-fridges stocked with beer, and a spa using beer-infused products. Now, the 32-room hotel is open for business. Starting on August 27, beer lovers can enjoy the wide range of unique amenities at The DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio.

Guests will enjoy in-room taps filled with seasonal BrewDog beer, mini-fridges in every room fully stocked with beer, and vitamin B-rich malted barley beverages at the spa. Some rooms will even have a wet bar with views of BrewDog’s sour-beer facility. And yes, true to its name, you can book dog-friendly rooms, as well. Upon entering the hotel, guests will immediately be greeted by a lobby bartender who will hand them their first complimentary drink. The lobby will also offer activities like beer pong and has a connecting interactive beer museum.

James Watt, co-founder and CEO of BrewDog, said in a statement, “From welcome pints of Punk IPA and malt massages to brewery views and shower beers, this will be the world’s first and only fully immersive craft-beer experience from check-in to check-out.”

Standard rooms start at $162 a night, but true beer enthusiasts would probably prefer the BrewMaster Suite at $284.

H/T: Travel & Leisure