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Belize Wants to Take You and a Coworker to Paradise for Free

by Eben Diskin Jan 31, 2020

Most people go on vacations to get away from their co-workers, but remember — while you’re away, they’re the ones picking up the slack. To stay in their good graces, you should probably find a way to keep them happy, and nothing’s better than the gift of a free vacation. In an effort to celebrate and promote Paid Time Off (PTO), the Belize Tourism Board is giving away three five-day trips to Belize for two Americans. Each winner can then nominate a coworker to receive the same trip for themselves and a guest.

Karen Bevans, the director of tourism for the Belize Tourism Board, said in a statement, “With so much to see and do in Belize, there is no time to waste feeling guilty about work. Too many travelers feel indebted to the colleagues who make their time away from work possible. What better way to enjoy a guilt-free Belizean getaway than to reward those same colleagues with a free trip of their own?”

To win the trip, go to the official Belize Guilt Trip website by February 18 and write why you feel guilty taking PTO and why you deserve a trip to Belize. Then, nominate one coworker whom you believe could benefit from some much-needed days off.

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