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Bermuda Is Partnering With Costco for Mail-In COVID-19 Tests

by Eben Diskin Dec 29, 2020

Bermuda is trying to make it easier for travelers to visit by offering mail-in COVID-19 tests. The island is partnering with Costco to help you meet the new rules, which require PCR test results within five days of departure to Bermuda. The test costs $139.99 including lab fees, and is available through Costco’s online pharmacy.

When you purchase a kit online, you’ll receive a code to register and complete a health questionnaire. The kit will then be shipped overnight via UPS directly to your home. You’ll be able to collect your own saliva sample with guidance over video chat, or simply go to a participating Costco pharmacy. Once the sample is collected, you can return it to the lab by UPS overnight delivery. Results will be available within 12 to 48 hours.

Starting with locations in New York and Boston, the COVID-19 tests will also be available at 100 brick-and-mortar stores where clients will be able to collect their samples under the guidance of pharmacists on site.

In addition to showing proof of a negative PCR test taken before arrival, Bermuda also requires an additional COVID-19 test when you arrive on the island, a quarantine until those results are available, and registering with public health officials. Visitors must alo check their temperature twice each day, report results on an online portal, and take yet another COVID-19 test on days four, eight, and 14.

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