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The Best Brunches in San Francisco

by Cooper Daily Apr 26, 2017

IN SAN FRANCISCO, we take brunch seriously. It’s not a meal — it’s a lifestyle. The other event we take seriously is a warm sunny day. When the fog lifts and the thermometer shows something over 70, it’s time to drop whatever plans you have, get outside and enjoy the sun.

One of my favorite ways to spend time during our elusive beautiful weather is to brunch outside. There are plenty of places in the city to soak up the early afternoon sun, get some eggs or maybe fresh seafood and sip a mimosa or two.

Mission Rock Resort

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Mission Rock Resort in Mission Bay is a delightful place to spend an afternoon. It’s right on the water. Grab a table on the patio and watch the kayakers go by. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a seal or two.

The seafood is brilliant, so order shrimp and calamari for your appetizers, and top them off with oyster shooters or bottomless mimosas before you order your full meal.

The Sycamore

The Sycamore in the Mission District is a beloved local bar with a sun-drenched patio. They serve excellent breakfast sliders, but you should check out the to-die-for chicken and waffles. The Sycamore has bottomless mimosas and at an incredibly cheap price — $8 with the purchase of food.

Inside you’ll find a whole host of board games, so grab one to go with your mimosas and your food, and enjoy your sunny SF afternoon!

El Techo

Also in the Mission, El Techo‘s a perfect place to spend in the sun because the whole restaurant is on a roof top. It’s all Mexican food, and it’s delicious — definitely upscale but not too pricey. You can rack up a tab going down their drink list. The specials change regularly, so ask your waitstaff what’s good and take their recommendation.

There’s also an extensive list of beers from a whole host of Latin American countries. They are similar to Mexican beers — light and crisp — but you’ll find some interesting twists with their flavors.

Bonus tip: When you’re done at either El Techo or The Sycamore, both in The Mission, you’re just a short trip away from Dolores Park. Grab a sixer or lie out in the grass for a few hours while you digest!

Epic Steak

Located in SOMA, Epic Steak is a high-end steakhouse that’s extremely pricey if you go for dinner but surprisingly reasonable if you head over for brunch. Grab a burger — these guys know a thing or two about high-quality beef. Pair that with one of their Bloody Marys and you’re off to an excellent start for your sunny afternoon.

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